“…….for it was his great good fortune to live a madman, and die sane.”

….940 pages and more than a few months later!  Thank you señor Don Quixote, Knight of the Sorrowful Face for your humor, your folly, your grace, and your company through some trying times and a dark winter. The photo is a snapshot from a long ago road trip through southern Spain. We tiptoed in awe through the halls and gardens of the Alhambra, slept on a dune in Las Aguilas, stumbled upon a candlelit procession of barefoot penitents during Semana Santa in Cartagena, stayed up all night eating hot chocolate and churros from a street vendor. On the way back to Madrid from Alicante we stopped on a cliff above the Rio Seguro, had a feast of tortilla espanola and fresh snap beans with glasses of tinto under a grape arbor. In that windswept landscape were castles and windmills. We laughed and squabbled all the way: Lena, Cuki, Beto y yo. And I lift a toast to all the fellow travelers on this magical road trip on earth, you humor my follies, play along with my madness, tolerate my vanities, and I yours!