About me

I inherited a restless urge from migratory ancestors who disembarked from the Mayflower and kept walking across deserts and mountains to the Pacific Northwest.  The search for an erotic ideal of romance and permanence in a world of growth and decay is a vein that runs through my writing, visual art, and psychological practice.  In graduate studies at New York University I trained with Austrian art therapy founder Edith Kramer. I also studied psychoanalytic theory with foremost scholars in the field and have been a practicing therapist since 1995.  I am the author of Violent Creation: Self-Mutilation and Art Therapy, published in English and Hebrew.  I work across disciplines of writing, poetry, photographic portraits, drawing, and painting. 

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Body Poetic is an ongoing collaboration with art critic, author, and curator Richard Speer that addresses narcissistic concerns of the body and aging through poems and photographic portraits.

Skin Narratives paintings on canvas

Golden Age Tapestries collage drawings